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SURFING GALICIA TOURS & TRIPS was born with the aim of putting on the map one of the many Galician secrets: the awesome and rough Atlantic Ocean and all its surrounding nature which offer the possibility of an unforgettable experience to those who are looking for a different kind of surf.

Surfing the Atlantic waves in its purest form: lush nature; blue and green landscapes; sea and silence; waves and the westernmost wild beaches in Europe, with its long-lasting sunsets.

Its specific geographical situation and its 905,96-mile coastline alternating from peaceful and sheltered waters in the rías, to differently oriented steep cliffs dominated by the Atlantic Ocean allow the appearance of hundreds of beaches with different types of waves. Thanks to this it is possible to go surfing throughout the whole year.

SURFING GALICIA brings you closer to a people with a culture rooted in the sea. Generations of seamen who sailed and still sail all the seas in the world embody the living history of traditional and modern navigation. In our trips you will have the chance to directly meet the traditional trades of fishing and shellfishing. It is fascinating to see how percebeiros mock the waves which break against the cliffs; or divers who freedive up to 65ft in order to pick out fanciful shellfish; or boats with creels for octopus and shellfish.

SURFING GALICIA entirely stands up for a green and sustainable surfing model engaged with nature. Most of the Galician beaches where surfing is possible are protected by different biological reserves such as nature parks, sites of community importance, special protection areas, or wetlands of international importance.

SURFING GALICIA promotes a natural enjoyment of surfing but with the highest level of engagement and respect towards nature.

SURFING GALICIA offers custom-made surftrips and personalized attention throughout the whole trip. We put at your disposition all the resources and recommendations necessary to visit Galicia and enjoy to the most with its waves, beaches, people, traditions, culture and food.

Many different possibilities and places are available for you to choose depending on the best waves, just with the aim of letting Galician beaches win your heart.