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  • How can I book my surftrip?

    You can book through our webpage. After we confirm our availability you will receive a link to fill in with your personal details, date of arrival, surf level, etc. There you will also find information about our payment methods. In order to confirm your booking you have to make a deposit before your day of arrival.
  • Who deals with my booking?

    Every request, question and doubt will be dealt with by the travel agency Surfingalicia Tours & Trips. Every offer on this website will also be operated by this agency.
  • How many days in advance is recommended to make a reservation?

    High season is from July to August. Make sure to make your reservation long in advance.
  • Is it possible to change the dates once the booking is made?

    We try to be as flexible as possible although the booking depends on availability of accommodation. Depending on the season it can be complicated and not always possible. Even so, we will look for similar accommodation in the same area so you can enjoy your stay with Surfingalicia Tours & Trips.
  • What happens if I want to cancell a reservation?

    First of all, we are sorry to hear that but if you need to cancel before leaving, this is the cancellation policy: 5% for cancellations between 10 and 15 days before the date of starting the trip, 15% for cancellations between 3 and 10 days and 25%, 48 hours before de exit. If you don’t appear for the start of the tour, it will be obligatory to pay the full cost of the trip, paying in that case the established amount, unless agreement of both sides.


  • Why choosing Surfingalicia Tours & Trips?

    Surfingalicia Tours & Trips offers custom-made surftrips and personalized attention throughout the whole trip. We put at your disposition all the resources and recommendations necessary to visit Galicia and enjoy to the most with its waves, beaches, people, traditions, culture and food. Many different possibilities and places are available for you to choose depending on the best waves, just with the aim of letting Galician beaches win your heart.
  • Is there a minimum age in order to take part?

    You must be over 18, in good health and have no disease.
  • What activities are available?

    Surfingalicia Tours & Trips is not only surf. We bring you closer to a people with a culture deeply rooted in the sea. In our trips you will have the chance to know at first hand the traditional trades of fishing and shellfishing. You will also be able to enjoy other water sports such as paddle surf routes, kite surf, windsurf or bodyboard. Surfingalicia Tours & Trips offers hiking routes, trail running or MTB across amazing cliffs which plunge into the Atlantic Ocean. Surfingalicia Tours & Trips also offers visits to our many islands or to the wineries and vineyards in the Rías Baixas.
  • Can I do a surftrip without a booking?

    Of course you can. Contact us 24 hours beforehand and Surfingalicia Tours & Trips will take you to a place of your choice in order to enjoy of a great and unforgettable surf trip in Galicia.
  • When do I have to arrive and leave?

    The trips are organized at your liking. Tell us the dates and book a ticket to Galicia on your own behalf, Surfingalicia Tours & Trips caters for the rest. You can arrive and leave any day of the week. There is no fixed day of arrival and departure.
  • Can I book surf lessons for a week and then stay for longer?

    Surfingalicia Tours & Trips offers you tailor-made trips. Just tell us what you want and we will arrange it for you.
  • Is it possible to book just the accommodation?

    Yes, of course. You can book just accommodation. In Surfingalicia Tours & Trips we will inform you about activities alternative to surf.
  • Is it possible to book surfing lessons without booking accommodation with you?

    Of course you can. Surfingalicia Tours & Trips will have you in groups of 4 to 8 people, surf lessons or surftrips. Just ask us.
  • Is it possible for me to book accommodation with surfing lessons and my friend or partner just accommodation?

    Yes, it is. This is a very common option. Contact us through the application form and we will send you the prices for the surfer and partner.
  • I am really enjoying my stay here, can I stay longer?

    Your booking depends on availability from the offered accommodation. Depending on the season it can be complicated and not always possible. Even so, we will look for similar accommodation in the same area so you can enjoy your stay with Surfingalicia Tours & Trips.


  • What is the difference between surfing lessons and surftrips?

    Surfing lessons are for those who wish to take up surfing and up to a level where the surfer will be able to ride a breaking wave on their own. Surftrips are for intermediate or advanced levels, surfers with some experience and knowledge who wish to surf freely but accompanied by a monitor-guide. In Surfingalicia Tours & Trips we will choose the best option according to your level.
  • Do you also offer private surfing lessons?

    Yes. Private lessons are for 2 people. Check for availability.
  • I have never surfed before, is it a problem?

    Not at all! Our coaches are the best, with great experience and knowledge. We will guide you from the very beginning. Thanks to our small groups, improvement is always quick. 6 surfers per instructor is an excellent ratio. We always look after our learners. Always teaching and helping to improve are our premises, you will never see us on the shore doing nothing.
  • Can I bring my own surfboard?

    Of course. However, if you prefer to save the shipment, check with us because we may have your surfboard at a lower price than the shipment.
  • How thick must the wetsuit be?

    Water temperature varies a lot throughout the year. From December to February it can be around 11˚C or 12˚C so we recommend 4/3 mm wetsuits, or 5/4/3 mm if you are cold-natured. In spring temperature rises to 14˚C – 16˚C so with a 4/3 mm wetsuit and booties you won’t be cold. In summer the average temperature is 18˚C - 20˚C so with a long or short 3/2 mm wetsuit you can surf without any problem.
  • What’s the best season to surf in Galicia?

    The whole year is good. Its specific geographical situation and its 905,96-mile coastline alternating from peaceful and sheltered waters in the rías, to differently oriented steep cliffs dominated by the Atlantic Ocean allow the appearance of hundreds of beaches with different types of waves. Thanks to this it is possible to go surfing throughout the whole year.
  • Can I use the surfing equipment after the induction lessons?

    If you think lessons are not enough, let us know and we will book your surfboard for a whole day so your improvement will be faster.


  • What is the level necessary for a guided surftrip?

    The minimum average level: you must have some experience; you must be able to read the currents, position yourself at the peak, have a good paddling, paddle out through the right place, duckdive without problems, leave the wave and the rest of the basic skills. The first day at the beach we will check your level in order to adapt the group to the conditions of the sea.
  • How are the waves we are going to surf?

    Depending on what you are looking for, Galicia offers you all sorts of breaks: long and easy to handle crumbly waves, as well as more vertical and powerful tube waves. Our team of coaches knows the coast perfectly so they can take you to the wave you are looking for and at the best moment.
  • Is it necessary to bring booties to go surfing?

    In winter moths the temperature is around 11˚C-12˚C. If you are cold-natured, you will need them.
  • Is it possible to make a photo essay of the surftrip?

    Yes, but it depends on availability. Choose the option “photo essay” at Surfingalicia Tours & Trips and we will inform you about availability.


  • Where do the lessons take place?

    Lessons are taught at beaches with the best conditions for beginners.
  • Am I going to surf every day?

    Of course. If you want to surf more apart from the lesson hours, let us know in your booking.
  • How many hours will I be in the water?

    Surf lessons last 2 hours. They include warm-ups before going in and stretching after the lesson.
  • What am I going to learn in the first lesson?

    If it is your first time surfing, you will learn a lot of things: basic knowledge of the surfboard and its parts; how to position yourself on the surfboard; how to paddle effectively; how to control the surfboard; how to protect yourself from falls; how and when to stand up; and rules about security in the water.
  • How many surfers share the lesson with me and how many coaches are there?

    We have a ratio of maximum 6 surfers per each coach. On average we have 5 surfers in each course approximately. Depending on your level the coach will be nearby controlling and correcting. And if your level is good enough, they will join you in the water to surf with you.
  • What do I need to bring to the surf lessons?

    Normally you don't need to bring anything because the school provides you with all the necessary material, and so you don't need to carry anything. However, we always recommend bringing a towel, suncream and water. If you have any personal belongings you can leave them in the lockers at the school. The school is locked during the lesson so you belongings will be safe.
  • Which language do you use during the surf lessons?

    All members of our team speak Galician, Spanish and English.
  • Can I use the surf equipment after the lessons?

    All equipment must be returned to the school. If you want to use it after the lessons you must inform us in your booking.
  • What happens if the lessons are cancelled because of bad sea conditions?

    This rarely happens in Galicia. However, if sea conditions are bad one day we will plan a different alternative. Money will not be refunded and you must choose a different day for the lessons.