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Environmental Policy

Every activity in Surfingalicia is designed with the highest commitment to environmental protection. We offer a way of surfing which also takes into account heritage and values of the different environments we visit with our customers. We try to spread the message of the importance of, together, adding up to the protection of the world seas, oceans, species and ecosystems.

Most of the beaches where surfing is possible in Galicia are protected by different categories such as Nature Parks, Sites of Community Importance, Special Protection Areas, or Wetlands of International Importance.

Activities will be carried out avoiding negative consequences for the environment, respecting any applicable law for each category and, if necessary, comply with any permit or authorisation requirement.

Our commitment strategy in designing and carrying out activities is based on the following premises:

  1. Approval of a “Best Environmental Practice Manual”, handed over with each pack carried out by SURFINGALICIA.
  2. Promotion in all our activities of a permanent campaign on “spreading the importance of preserving the oceans and their biodiversity and Galician marine protected areas”.
  3. Green Pocket: we commit ourselves to donate Surfingalicia Green Pocket to conservation organizations working in the conservation of the seas and their biodiversity.
  4. Environmental evaluation of the packs offered: experts on the environment will check our packs meet SURFINGALICIA environmental policy. This evaluation will pay special attention to the fulfillment of:
    • In developing all our activities we will take into account the applicable laws related to the use of Galician protected areas, Law 9/2001 from the 21st of August on nature conservation, which establishes different conservation categories:
      1. Nature reserve
      2. National park
      3. Nature park
      4. Natural monument
      5. Protected wetland
      6. Protected landscape
      7. Special areas of conservation (Natura 2000)
    • Every conservation plan of endangered marine species, paying special attention to the Kentish plover.
    • We will adapt our environmental policies and our packs to any conservation measure passed for the Natura 2000 areas in Galicia where surf can be pracised. We will pay special attention to:
      • Conservation of natural habitats and wildlife flora and fauna.
    • We commit ourselves to promoting in our social networks any climate change and ocean protection awareness campaign.
    • We will elaborate and participate in dissemination campaigns and activities in favour of marine life, paying special attention to:
      • waste and plastic in the ocean.
      • conservation of the frail sand dune systems and the endangered flora in beaches and dunes.
      • conservation and dissemination of cetacean.


Green Pocket

  • The Green Pocket is an initiative which gives every donation to campaigns in favour of seas preservation.
  • It benefits every ecosystem and marine species from the Galician coast. It benefits us all.
  • By making a donation to the Green Pocket. In our web you can know in detail how we use the money collected with our Green Pocket.

Make a donation

Every donation allows us to prepare and collaborate in campaigns, activities and dissemination in favour of improving and preserving our coast.

Best Environmental Practice Manual

Dissemination permanent campaign

Green Pocket

Environmental evaluation of the packs offered