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Rías Baixas

Pontevedra old town

Guided tour of Pontevedra, historical and monumental city. Its old town is the second largest in Galicia, only after Santiago de Compostela. In recent years the town has been awarded several international distinctions for its accessibility and mobility policies. Its traditional market stands out for its hustle and bustle and its great business activity. This market is considered one of the best in the country for its variety and abundance of fish and shellfish.

Visit the historical site of Combarro

The old part of this village is like a museum, conforming a historical, artistic and picturesque group. Its "hórreos" (granaries) and houses are the best representation of the essence of Galician coastal architecture.

Costa da Vela and and Monte do Facho archaeological site

Cliffs on this area offer the visitor an unforgettable view of the Cíes Islands and the Cape Home strait. At the top og Monte Facho you will find some of the most spectacular Celtic remains in Galicia, the fortified settlement of Beróbriga, which includes around 50 round houses and an old Roman stone lighthouse (facho).

A Lanzada and Monte Siradella protected landscape

This protected landscape is one of the most important wetlands and bird sanctuary in Northwest Iberia. Its sand dunes and beach create an isthmus best seen from Monte Siradella. At the beach there is a hill with an important archaeological site from the 2nd century. Probably, this fortified settlement played an important role in trading between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. During the Middle Ages this settlement became a sacred area and nowadays there is still a well preserved and beautiful chapel.

Atlantic Islands National Park

The Atlantic Islands comprise the archipelagos of Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada. This is the only national park in Galicia in recognition for its seabeds, its seaweed forests and its seabirds colonies; all this conforms one of the most important nature reserve in the European Atlantic. Rodas beach in the Cíes islands is, according to The Guardian, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Shellfishing route in O Grove, Aquarium and boat trips on the ría de Arousa

O Grove is a village with an important fishing tradition on the ría de Arousa, and its shellfish is greatly renowned. Tours accompanying the shellfish gatherers has recently become a very attractive tourist activity. Illa da Toxa is another place worth visiting. And so is its Aquarium, which shows the ecological richness of its seabed and and the biodiversity in flora and fauna. Sailing on the ría de Arousa offers a new experience where visiting the mussel punts and tasting this mollusc is possible. You can also go on trips designed to see the birds and cetaceans on the continental shelf of Galicia.

Guided tour of Rías Baixas PDO wineries

You can go on a guided tour of wineries included in the Rías Baixas PDO (protected designation of origin). This is the biggest wine producer in Galicia, and its internationally acclaimed wines are sold in more than 60 countries. These wines match perfectlywith fish and shellfish.