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Costa Ártabra

Cape Ortegal and Punta do Limo; Cariño and Ría de Ortigueira and Ladrido

Place of international interest for its geological importance. Cape Ortegal Lighthouse, intricated at the bottom of the magnificent cliffs reaching Punta do Limo. This lighthouse is a natural viewpoint from where you can view the “Tres Aguillóns”, three huge rocks which emerge as islets in front of the cape, between the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Following the way you can find Cariño, charming as any small fishing village in Galicia. The Ría de Ortigueira e Ladrido, an area of great ecological importance, completes the beauty of this region.

Estaca de Bares

Cape Estaca de Bares is the northernmost point of Iberia and it separates the Cantabrian Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. This is the setting of one of the most amazing migrations in nature: more than two million birds cross this area each year between autumn and spring. Its observatory is visited by naturalist and bird experts from all Europe. Highly recommendable is also the visit to the small fishing harbour of O Barqueiro.

Fragas do Eume riverside Atlantic forest

The natural park Fragas do Eume is home to the westernmost European Atlantic forest. It is one of the best examples of this kind of forest, common in the past but nowadays limited to solitary valleys. With a high ecological value and charm, the paths running inside this park allow you to enjoy with its 23 tree species, 41 of mammals and 103 of birds. However, it is remarkable for its botanical relic of tropical ferns, preserved as “living fossils” throughout the years. A place to walk and relax.

San Andrés de Teixido and Vixía de Herbeira viewpoint

Legend and mysticism around this place make it one of the most important centres of cult and pilgrimage in Galicia. As the legend says “those who don't visit San Andrés de Teixido in life will do it as dead”. The village hangs over the cliffs, and intense blue and green prevail on the landscape. In the vicinity you will find the highest cliffs in Europe, reaching the 2000 feet, and at the top the impressive viewpoint of Vixía de Herbeira. A few kilometres away is the fishing village of Cedeira, its ría and sea declared as fishing reservation.