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A Mariña Lucense

Fazouro Celtic fortified settlement and Burela fishing harbour

According to the reamins found in the sixties, Fazouro settlement is dated between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. Located over the cliffs in Foz, the remains are preserved and restored as a museum in the open air, the only one on the Galician Cantabrian coast. Burela fishing harbour is one of the most important in tune fishing. It is worth walking around its streets, its fish market and harbour. It is also highly recommendable to visit its neighbour village Cervo.

As Catedrais beach

Among the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world, As Catedrais is a geological and landscape museum which shouldn't be missed. It has been declared as Natural Monument because of its huge rock arches, carved in the cliffs by time and sea. These spectacular arches can be seen only in low tide.

Rinlo, Pancha Island and Ría de Ribadeo

Rinlo is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Galicia, preserving all its essence and charm. For many centuries was an important whaling harbour in the Cantabrian Sea. In 1905 several shellfish farms were carved in the cliffs. Nowadays, these remains form an interesting ethnographic group. It is worth walking around the streets in the old town and the harbour, or along the mouth of the ría, reaching the lighthouse on Pancha Island, where you will enjoy a scenary of great beauty.